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Homework Headaches

Posted: February 26, 2016
By: Dr Jordan Plasker


Successful homework sessions don’t just happen. A little effort, planning and support make the difference between the headache, frustration and battleground around the completion of homework and the peaceful smooth sailing episode of your dreams.

The Real Headache

Afternoon headaches can be symptomatic of numerous causes. Getting to the cause is vital. A chiropractic examination or check-up will determine if there is misalignment of the neck, shoulders or other part of spine – a common cause of headaches. Many times, there is immediate relief.  Is the book bag or backpack too heavy?   Did an injury occur during practice or rehearsal?  Is dehydration possible? Is an essential vitamin or mineral missing from meals? Address the cause as soon as possible. Some chiropractic practices offer nutritional recommendations in addition to spine and nervous system services.

Stand Up for Yourself  

According to the President’s Council on Physical Fitness and Sports, the U.S. will spend $1.5 trillion over the next 10 years treating a wide range of debilitating ailments resulting from sedentary lifestyle such as diabetes, depression, osteoporosis, certain cancers, and even sexual dysfunction. They’ve even coined their own term, Sedentary Death Syndrome (SeDS), as a growing life-threatening risk for many unsuspecting Americans.

No need to worry though. You can stand strong with these Sitting Solutions:

- 50/10 Rule: Don’t sit for more than 50 minutes. Set a timer and take 10 when it rings.

- Be a swinger: Stand with hands on your hips and legs slightly more than shoulder width apart. Rotate your hips clockwise in a full range of motion ten times and then reverse it.

Stand sideways next to your desk. Put all your weight on your right leg and gently swing your left leg forwards and backwards 10 times. Repeat with other leg.

- Don’t Be a Crooked Sitter or slouchEr: Sit up straight. If you find this difficult, uncomfortable or painful, call our office and schedule an appointment. Your spine may have a misalignment with nerve pressure, a subluxation, which needs correcting.

 - Take your lunch break: Get up and go somewhere even if you bring something in.

 - Go mobile: Attach a portable unit to your stationary phone or use a cell.

 - Hold “meetings on the move”: Meet clients on a hiking trail or outdoors.

 -  Put a lumbar PILLOW in Your ChAir

 -  Invest in an ergonomic chair

 -  Stand up and surf: Raise your workstation or monitor so you can net surf and type while standing.

 - Go TO THE GYM - But Stay Off the Stationary BikE

Take Care of Your Spine

Sitting is to the spine like sugar is to the teeth except you can’t replace your spine after it rots away. Chiropractic Lifestyle Care provides gentle adjustments to the spine that can eliminate pain and improve your health.

These Sitting Solutions will improve your health and quality of life dramatically.


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