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Winning Your Age Category in a 5k or In The Activities of Life You Love

Posted: October 10, 2014
By: Dr Jordan Plasker

Winning Your Age Category in a 5k or In The Activities of Life You Love


Richard's Run, a 5k in Hohokus, New Jersey, had a great field of athletes turn out Sunday October 5th. More than 35 of them were 100 Year Lifestyle team members.  The team is made up of people who utilize Plasker Chiropractic, a 100 Year Lifestyle affiliate health care facility in Montvale and Paramus, New Jersey.  Their office helps elite and recreational athletes alike to be at peak performance.  The age of team members ranged from 9-76 years old, all of whom are living the 100 Year Lifestyle.  Some of our members walked the 3.1 mile course and others like Efriam Shaw and Evan Flach finished 1st in their respective age category. 


Because movement is essential to life and keeping your ESS (Endurance, Strength and Structure) in shape is part of the health care plan at Plasker Chiropractic, athletes can anticipate participating at their full genetic potential.  Dr. Plasker is an Ironman tri-athlete himself and understands the importance of getting you back into the game with a healthy, natural, non invasive approach as quickly as possible.  He is an expert in getting you back to the activities you enjoy most and keeping you there. 


Whether you are an elite athlete, a recreational athlete, or a mother running after your family, Plasker Chiropractic in Montvale and Paramus, New Jersey is a great place to keep you active in sports and in the life activities you love!


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