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How Many States Have Licensure for Chiropractic?

Posted: September 1, 2016
By: Dr Jordan Plasker

What Does the Cure to All Deafness Have to do With Your Health and Longevity?

In 1895 Harvey Lillard was a janitor hard of hearing in Davenport Iowa.  He was examined by a then magnetic healer DD Palmer who discovered a lump (a bone out of position) in Harvey’s spine.  He made the first ever adjustment which restored Mr. Lillard’s hearing.  DD thought he found the cure to all deafness and with this information he proceeded to advertise across the world that he could cure all deafness. 


What Does It Take to Live 121 Years and Get Better as You Age?

Word spread and as the deaf flocked to see Dr. Palmer, he searched for the “lump” reduced it with an adjustment but not everyone’s hearing returned.  However a strange thing did happen.  Some of the deaf also had stomach problems but now their stomach felt better, some had sinus conditions but their sinuses cleared and others with heart and lung conditions became well from those conditions too.   And with this information and much research DD realized the link he had found between the spine and the nerve system and a profession was born.   DD Palmer taught his son Bartlet Joshua Palmer (also known as BJ) what he was doing and BJ wanted to teach this to the masses.  Their chiropractic school reached a peak of 1,000 students in the 1920’s.  But as a new profession, many chiropractors were arrested and served jail time for “practicing medicine” without a license.  Licensure had not been established and many chiropractic pioneers suffered to preserve the principle of chiropractic.  Even though they were not “practicing medicine”, but rather practicing chiropractic.  Today all 50 states have licensure including Puerto Rico and Washington D.C.  We thank all those dedicated healers for their sacrifice.  Our planet is healthier today as a result. Patients continue to improve with chiropractic.  After 121 years it continues to thrive and get better with age as a result of its basic principles.  Those that are committed to them will too!


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