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Flu Shot Fallacies

Posted: September 29, 2015
By: Dr Jordan Plasker

Flu Shot marketing is in full swing. Before you blindly allow yourself or a loved one to be injected, it is important to do your homework. You will learn why 60% of MDs avoid the vaccine and why it can be more dangerous than the flu itself. Here are some Flu Shot Fallacies:

Fallacy: Flu medicines are safe with no side effects.

According to, the possible side effects of Tamiflu are nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, dizziness, headache, nose bleed, eye redness, insomnia, cough or other respiratory symptoms.

Serious side effects in children can be sudden confusion, delirium, hallucinations, unusual behavior or self injury.

Nervous system side effects such as headaches have been seen in up to 18% of the people. When you go to the website to explore these for yourself, don’t just read the side effects for Consumers. Continue reading what the health professionals are told to watch for. That list is much longer and more severe.

Fallacy: Flu vaccinations are safe with no side effects.

According to NVIC, Gillian-Barre syndrome (GBS), which is an autoimmune disease, has been associated with the influenza vaccine since 1976. There is concern about idiopathic thrombocytopenia purpura (ITP), another autoimmune disease which is a blood clotting disorder, and about Bell’s Palsy, a facial paralysis.

Seniors are especially at risk as reported by the ACIP Provision Recommendations for the Use of Influenza Vaccines. In 2007, a study published in the Annals of Medicine concluded that abnormalities in arterial function and LDL oxidation may persist for at least two weeks after a slight inflammatory reaction. This could explain the earlier report of an increase of cardiovascular risk in the first weeks following vaccination.

Pregnant women should be aware as the flu vaccine has been officially listed as a Category C drug which means that its safety has not been established scientifically and adverse fetal effects in animals have been detected. The FDA states that “Category C drugs are more likely to cause problems for the mother or fetus.”

Fallacy: Flu Shots Work.

There is no scientific evidence that supports the effectiveness of flu shots in preventing the flu. In fact, Michael Osterholm of The National Center for Infectious Disease Research and Policy boldly stated that “flu shots don’t work in the elderly.”

Fallacy: Vaccines Build Your Immune System

Actually, the possibility of the vaccine impairing your immune system is a concern. There are components in vaccines that are neurotoxins which can depress your body’s immune system and brain function.

According to the CDC, the flu vaccine, FluMist, which is often given to children, contains chick kidney cells and MSG. Many other flu vaccines contain formaldehyde and mercury which are neurotoxins.  Christina England, a contributor on just informed readers that there has been a 4, 250% increase in fetal death rates reported to VAERS after flu shots were given to pregnant women.  This statistic is insane.

Not everything that feels like the flu is actually the flu. According to the CDC, only 13% of the people with flu-like symptoms who were tested for the flu this year tested positive. 

Natural Immunity

Keep your immune system healthy naturally with good nutrition, eating lots of fresh fruits and vegetables, lean proteins and healthy fats. Avoid the white devils which include white sugar, white pasta and white flour. Eat more whole grains and legumes.  Drink plenty of water.

Exercise can also strengthen your immune system so follow the plan in The 100 Year Lifestyle Workout and Get Your ESS in Shape - your endurance, strength and structure. Build your endurance through cardio vascular training such a walking, riding a bike, running or fitness classes.

Build your strength through activities such as weight training, Pilates, or yoga. And take care of your structure, spine and nervous system by developing a habit of good posture and keeping your spine and nervous system healthy with chiropractic Lifestyle Care which can keep your resistance high.

Adjust your lifestyle today and build your body’s immune system naturally.




Stress Less. Live More. Presentation

Posted: September 24, 2015
By: Dr Jordan Plasker

Free Upcoming Events

Posted: September 16, 2015
By: Dr Jordan Plasker


                                           Montvale & Paramus  -  201-505-WELL(9355)  -


                                                      FREE UPCOMING EVENTS


That Sugar Film written and directed by Damon Gameau.  Find out what happens to Damon after 60 days on a sugar diet equivalent to that of the average child. Learn the effects of sugar on your health in a fun, entertaining documentary type film. Wednesday Sept. 30 - 6:30 PM – at the Montvale office.  Call Laraine to make a reservation!
Stress Less. Live More health presentation at the Montvale Public Library, given by Dr. Plasker.  Learn strategies to deal with stress and not let it effect your health. Please join us there and bring a friend.  It is going to be a very informative evening. Thursday, Oct.1 from 7 to 8 PM

Richard's Run  Be part of our 100 Year Lifestyle team and help us help a great cause!  Whether or not you are running or walking, stop by our tent, we'll have our adjusting table there. Sunday, Oct. 4 beginning at 8:30 AM

Standard Process Purification Program  Learn strategies to improve your health and get you through the upcoming holidays.  Imagine losing weight instead of gaining weight over the holidays!  Let us help you be prepared! Wednesday Oct. 7 at 6:30 PM at the Montvale office.  Call Laraine to make a reservation!
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Fitness Tips to Stress Less. Live More.™

Posted: September 9, 2015
By: Dr Jordan Plasker

Fitness Tips to Stress Less. Live More.


These five Stress Less Fitness tips will lessen your Stress and allow you to Live More.

There is an acronym for Fitness in The 100 Year Lifestyle that will ensure you Stress Less, Live More, stay healthy and on top of your game. The acronym takes the word Fitness and uses the N2ESS as follows:

N.  Neurology – Stress is a nervous system reaction that can affect your entire body. Your brain and nervous system control and coordinate everything: your heart, digestion, breathing, hormones and muscles. A healthy nervous system is essential in adapting to stress.

N.  Nutrition - Good nutrition is important for your body to be healthy. Quality calories come from live foods such as fruits, vegetables, lean proteins and whole grains. They are nutritionally satisfying because they contain vitamins, minerals, fiber and amino acids that are the building blocks of a healthy body. Choose organic or chemical free options. Both empty and excess calories will lead to sickness, low energy, obesity and chronic health problems. Empty calories come from foods such as white sugar, white flour and white rice.

E.  Endurance – Exercise can help your body cope with stress in a healthy way. If you have good endurance, you will enjoy a greater sense of stamina now and while you age. Your energy will be higher and you will feel like staying active.

You will be able to endure stressful times. You can increase your stamina through cardiovascular and aerobic exercise that strengthens your heart, burns calories and increases your energy.

S.  Strength – Your level of strength will determine your ability to remain active and independent as you age. Through regular strength training with a personal trainer or on your own, you can build muscle and stand strong, no matter how many birthdays you celebrate. The saying, “If you don’t use it, you lose it” is definitely true when it comes to strength. Free weights, functional training machines, Pilates and Yoga are all examples of exercises that build your strength.

S.  Structure – If your body breaks down at the onset of a new fitness routine, there may be an underlying cause in your structure and spine, such as subluxations. You may experience pain and injuries that become nagging to severe. It can also keep you from getting results.

Chiropractic examinations can reveal underlying problems in your spine that can keep you from getting in shape and also lead to all types of health problems. The opposite of Stress Free living! Don’t wait until you “feel it” to get checked. You may be waiting too long. Why spoil your momentum if you are working out to get in shape, Stress Less and Live More?

Schedule an appointment for your chiropractic check-up today!




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