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Hitting a Home Run For Family Wellness

Posted: July 31, 2015
By: Dr Jordan Plasker

Hitting a Home Run for Family Wellness


Chiropractic has been part of our family’s health care since my brother’s seizures were alleviated as a result of chiropractic care.  We visited our chiropractor whenever a member of the family had health concerns, as well as to maintain wellness.  As a result we enjoyed better health than most.


When my brothers or I were not feeling well, my mother’s car made 4 distinct stops along our road to healing.  First, she would take us to our trusted family pediatrician (Dr. Gorelick), then to Uncle Howie’s pharmacy to pick up any prescriptions that needed to be filled. Next, we headed straight to Dr. Ernie’s office to check our spine for subluxations. Immune function can be diminished by spinal misalignments pressuring the body’s nerve system.  Mom knew that removing subluxations with a chiropractic adjustment would boost our bodies healing power. 


After our adjustment we would head home.  If you plotted our course on a map, these 4 stops were a diamond shape, just like a baseball diamond.  This was my Mom’s strategy to hit a home run for our family’s health! 

Today, due to my education and background, my wife and I have chosen a different strategy to hit a home run for wellness.  We get chiropractic checkups regularly because if we can prevent a problem we don’t have to treat it.  Should a challenge arise our health strategy goes in the following order.  Chiropractic first, nutrition and supplementation second, medical treatment last.  Our family has benefited by this strategy.  And utilizing chiropractic first has helped my family tap into the innate healing powers within the human body.  My kids are now grown up and they make there own healthcare choices, but remarkably after a combined 47 years of life our children have only been on medications maybe five or six times.  I am truly proud of my family and the rich health we have enjoyed to date.  We thank God for our blessings and reserve the use of medicine for emergencies that we have thankfully been able to avoid.


In my opinion there is no right or wrong healthcare approach for everyone.  What is most important is that you trust yourself and your practitioner.  If you include chiropractic care in your family’s healing process you will cover all the bases.  This summer, score a home run for your family and have your family’s spines checked.  

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