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What happens when you wrap a rubber band around.....

Posted: May 2, 2014
By: Dr Jordan Plasker

Often people will mention to me that they are doing exercises to help their back.  I think that is great!  Movement is essential to life.  However, most people mistakenly confuse exercise with removing nerve pressure.  It is not the same.   It is important people understand that exercise will not correct their subluxations (misalignments causing interference to your nerve system).  When you are examined and nerve interference (subluxation) is found in your spine it will need to be addressed at some point in order for you to have 100% nerve function. 

Let me show you what I mean……

Take a moment and find a rubberband.  Wind that rubber band around your index finger several times until it is tight.  Do you feel the circulation being cut off?  Now, bend your fingers to make a fist and then straighten them out and do this 5-10 times.  Does it make the circulation slightly better?  It might, but the problem still remains; and that is the effect of exercise on a subluxation.  Now REMOVE THE RUBBERBAND.  That is like getting a chiropractic adjustment to remove and fix your subluxation. 

Whenever you are ready to go through the critical transition of rehabilitating and regenerating your spine to remove the interference, chiropractic care is the answer.   

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