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Are you growing younger?

Posted: May 12, 2011
By: Dr Jordan Plasker

It is amazing to me to see change in people.  What change am I speaking about?  The change you notice when you see someone for the first time that you have not seen in a long time and notice they actually look much better, even younger than the last time you saw them.  How can that be even though a substantial amount of time has gone by and they are chronologically older?

Well it may start with a simple act of deciding to not live in pain or discomfort anymore.  You visit the chiropractor, and all of a sudden the pain you were suffering from for years goes away.  You begin to sleep better, and gain more energy.  Not just because of better sleep, but because your body is no longer fighting to survive through daily pain.  Also, your body is not working overtime to detoxify itself of the inordinate amount of chemicals you were ingesting to abate and deal with the pain.  As a result of this new found energy you decide to embark on an exercise regime.   You know the type of exercise, the type designed to improve your endurance and strength by walking, running, biking, swimming or circuit weight training.

At this point you are moving more than you were previously and find that the law of inertia from your high school physics class is so true.  Inertia states that a body at rest stays at rest unless an outside force acts on it.  It’s much harder to start moving than continue moving.  For example if you are sitting on the couch eating a snack watching TV it is much harder to get up and re-fill the popcorn bowl than to ask someone else to do it.  But if you are standing putting dishes away or unpacking groceries and someone asks you to fill the bowl of popcorn, it  takes much less effort because you are up moving already.   When you commit to exercise make a point to do it at times you are already up and moving, it takes much more effort to get up once you have parked yourself on the couch, than to move once you are moving.  So exercise when you get up in the morning or when you get home from work, you are already moving. 

Once you start moving and burning more calories daily, you may notice the unhealthy foods that you have been consuming don't taste as good or give you only small amount of energy.  Instead of putting regular unleaded fuel in your tank, you decide to put plus or super.  What do I mean by plus or super fuel?  Whole natural foods as found in nature, like organic fruits, vegetables or whole grain breads.  These foods not only contain the energy your body needs but fiber which allows for a slower assimilation of the foods energy as it passes through cleansing your intestinal tract.  Jack Lalane fitness icon, health guru and chiropractor use to say "if man makes it, don't eat it".  He lived, I mean really lived not just survived for 96 healthy years.  I think it is great advice. 

So with one simple act of going to the chiropractor, to get your nerve system working better, to free yourself from pain and  express yourself better, you become better rested, have more energy, start an exercise program, improve the foods that you consume and then all of a sudden, you run into someone you haven't seen in quite sometime.  You have a nice conversation and part ways.  You know what I think they are saying to themselves if they did not say it to your face?  Probably something like "wow he/she looks great, I can't believe how young and vivacious he/she looks, I wonder what he/she is using?"  And even though you are actually chronologically older than the last time you met, you are perceived as younger?  It is amazing to me to see the changes in people when they decide to commit to one simple act. 

We have a FREE walking and running program on Tuesday evenings at 6 PM with 1.5 to 3 mile courses plotted leaving from our office. I would love to have all of you join us.  It can be used to help you start your one simple act that can change your life or added to your current 100 Year lifestyle regiment!

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